The Mediterranean Diet Experience


Connect with the island's authentic local life in idyllic settings, beyond massive tourism and staged tourist space!

Research suggests that Greeks in rural areas enjoy a longer, healthier life because of daily physical activities and the consumption of generous amounts of olive oil paired with fresh, non processed food. An additional contributing factor is the slower-paced, low-stress character of country living. Our tour begins with a short drive to a tiny village, off-the-beaten path, where time stands still. On the way, we discuss the food and tastes of Naxos. Arriving at the village, we visit a traditional coffee shop for honey tasting and local herbal teas. Continuing our journey of discovery, we walk through the village to reach the fields farmland and enjoy a hike through an unspoiled natural environment. We pass local farms and visit a young farmer’s olive grove situated in blessed land among natural springs and little waterfalls. Here, we will taste olive oil and sample local, ‘farm to table’ products. You will savor a variety of Greek olive oils, learn about our “liquid gold” with its renowned nutritional benefits, as well as discover the historic presence of olive trees on the island and current harvesting techniques. Gathered “around the farmer’s table” we will delight in the pairing of different types of olive oil with homemade specialties at the farmer’s organic brunch for a memorable gastronomy experience! *Kindly let us know ahead of time about any food allergies or other dietary restrictions you may have.


We had no expectation when booking this tour. We just like food and wanted to escape from the buzz of Santorini that was our previous stop during our 10 days Greece trip. Overall this was our favourite tour of the whole trip. From now on olive oil will never be the same and we will always treasure Naxos in our hearts!
Oliver Cohen
October 2022
Highly recommended for foodies seeking for exclusive and real gastronomy experiences. Fun and relaxing tour that touches upon the true meaning of the famous mediterranean diet. Our guide was very hospitable and the organic tastes were out of this world...
Mary D.
September 2022
Price: 139 euros

What's Included

  • Guided walking tour led by Local Escort
  • Discover “off the beaten path” small village
  • Honey tasting and local herbal teas
  • 1 mile moderate hike
  • Olive Oil Tasting
  • Farmer’s Brunch
Not Included

  • Gratuities for your escort
  • Personal expenses.
Cancellation Policy

We offer full refund for cancellations received in writing up to 24 hours prior to the tour departure.

For cancellations received after this point no refund is provided.


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