Naxos Town Christian Tour


Explore Naxos' history through the lens of the Christian tradition

Explore the unknown traces of Christianity on the island of Naxos and enjoy a private walking tour of the legendary Castle led by an expert certified guide. Our tour begins at the Portara -massive marble gateway of the Temple of Apollo located at the port of Naxos where an Early Christian Basilica was built during the late 5th cent. AD. While marveling at the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, you will learn about the history of the island and its rich Christian tradition from the Byzantine years to the present. Our immersive walk down the pathway takes us back in time from the ancient world of the gods to the Dukes and walled fortresses of the Middle Ages. On our walk we will visit two of the island’s major churches, the Greek Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Cathedrals. These visits provide the opportunity to discuss the differences -but above all the communalities between the Christian denominations which have coexisted in harmony for centuries on Naxos. As we marvel at the narrow winding streets where every corner, every coat of arms, has a story to tell we will also encounter traces left by the Knights of St. John. Re-live the history of the town in this dreamy environment as your guide brings to life timeless myths and the Christian history of Naxos from its early Cycladic past through the Byzantine and Medieval periods to the present while discussing Christian history and contemporary religious traditions in Greece.

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