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A Mesmerizing Sunset at the “Portara”

Light, harmony, beauty, order, moderation, arts, music and poetry… are only few of the attributes connected with the personality of the ancient god Apollo. He holds a very special place in the Greco-Roman Pantheon as he is the only god … Read More

The Sphinx of the Naxians at the Delphi Oracle. The story behind the masterpiece

The most famous Oracle of the ancient world was located at Delphi in Mainland Greece. The Oracle of Delphi was dedicated to Apollo, god of Light and Harmony. For over 1,000 years, pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean travelled to … Read More

Zeus acquires the thunderbolt on Naxos and becomes “all mighty”!

Zeus was the almighty father of the skies worshipped throughout Greece. He carried a thunderbolt as a weapon to keep heavenly order on Mount Olympus and mortal order on Earth.   Zeus,  supreme ruler and king of all Greek gods, … Read More

Is Naxos a Sustainable Tourism Destination?

The day after the world opens its gates after the Covid crisis Greece will be among the top travel destinations.  Another pleasant surprise is the Lonely Planet award to our country as ‘a sustainable food destination.’ Lonely Planet author Kate … Read More

Naxos Mythology inspires Astrology

The story behind the Corona Borealis constellation Greek Mythology was a source of inspiration to  explain the heavenly bodies, astronomical phenomena and astrology.  The legacy of the centuries’ -old myths remains even today.  Many of the planets, stars and zodiac … Read More

8 Reasons to Visit Naxos with your Kids this Summer

Traditionally, kids count the days to summer vacation when the fun and excitement of  family holiday travel begins… This year, more than ever, Summer 2021 offers  a much needed bright spot in this unprecedented pandemic year when both children and parents … Read More